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About The Drain Dudes Pico Rivera, CA

We know that you cannot predict a plumbing problem, which is why we offer our express emergency services for drain cleaning in Pico Rivera, CA. You can count on us all day, every day. Aside from our 24/7 emergency service, some of the services that set us apart are:

  • Licensed & Insured and have been trusted by Southern California since 1995.
  • Video inspection and electronic leak detection. Our equipment and process is the latest and the greatest high tech inspection method. We can locate all sorts of leaks underground, under various structures, in the walls, and pretty much anywhere else.
  • Trenchless sewer and underground pipe installation. We have an award-winning crew that uses exceptional equipment to provide you with a “No mess-no dig” or “low mess-less dig” installation. We can install pipes, sewers, and other utilities underground for our customers, including other plumbers or contractors.
Our drain cleaning services include drains, sewers, or gas pipes. Call us today at 877-700-0160 to schedule your drain cleaning in Pico Rivera, CA.