Water Lines

Good Water Lines Provide Good Results

If you’ve got a broken or damaged water line, call the best in plumbing. The Drain Dudes has been providing the fastest and the best plumbing services since 1995. We love what we do and want to use our high tech equipment to find your water line problem and get it repaired so that it will continue to give you the best results.

Possible Water Line Problems

You may not know what is wrong with your water line, but with our up-to-date video camera line inspection, we can pin point what is going on with your line. Some of the problems we might find are:

  • When roots from trees or other plants have gotten into the line, it is called root infiltration. The roots grow and build and create a mess inside the pipe, not allowing the water to flow freely.
  • Sometimes the pipes will deteriorate and corrode, which causes a collapse and a restriction to the flow of the water.
  • Leaky joints, which is when the seal between pipes breaks and the water is allowed to get out into the soil that it is buried in.
  • Broken pipes. Sometimes the pipes just break or crack and need to be repaired, or sometimes even replaced.
  • When the pipe sinks because of the condition of the soil that it is in, it is called a bellied pipe and it can create a valley that collects trash.
  • Some water lines are simply old and not made out of very good materials and will need to be replaced with pipes that are made with current materials.

What You Can Look For

If you have recently noticed a valley forming in your lawn, which may or may not be extra moist as well, that is a sign that you might need your water line looked at. If your toilet, sink, shower, etc. has been backing up a lot lately, that is also a sign that you should get a new water line installed. Give us a call any time, any day, and we will get to work on your water line.