I don’t have an account with yelp.com, but I wanted to let someone know that Manfred arrived in less than the predicted 60 to 90 minutes and patiently set about trying to clear a stubborn sink drain problem. After the auger went up the vent pipe a couple of times it finally decided to go the right way and success we had a free flowing drain again. Thanks Manfred.

– Roy W.

I would like to give thanks to The Drain Dudes plumber Manfred for treating our company wonderfully. I would recommend Manfred and your team to anyone, and will call you for our jobs.

– Mike L.

This is in regards to the service team, Jay and Franklin who responded to my resident. I called your office earlier in the day regarding a clogged drain. Not only were they prompt, but also arrived prior to my appointment time energetic in resolving my problem.

Franklin immediately worked on the clogged drain. While he was working on the problem, Jay professionally went through my house performing his 25 point check. He came across two items that he recommended that I look into before they caused me future problems. He was very informative and demonstrated to me the bad shut off valve in front of my property.

Franklin continued to unclog my drain with very little success. He would constantly keep Jay informed on his progress, and seek his advice to solve the unclogged drain. After 25 minutes, Jay took his turn at it with no success. My pipes were the original galvanize pipes when the house was built on a concrete slab and I felt the worst to come, as Jay was still unable to unclog the drain.

After over an hour working on the drain, Jay recommended that the next course of action would be a high pressure machine to blow out the galvanize pipe. I was referred to Peter, his supervisor, who I talked to over the phone and gave me a price for the machine. I told Peter I would get several estimates and get back to him.

In the meantime, Franklin continued working on the drain. It was rather hot during this time and I could tell it was exhausting your employees. They switched off several times on the boring machine relieving each other. I could tell they both were serious in clearing the drain. Finally I could see the boring machine making progress and see relief in their faces as the “popped the drain”. Jay explained to me this was term used in the profession when they clear the blockage.

I told Jay I could never be a plumber knowing how difficult and hard the job can be. Jay’s expression was, “I love what I do as a plumber”. I truly thank you for your services and also compliment your employees Jay and Franklin, who were so dedicated in resolving my clogged drain. They were neat, friendly and professional at all times. They could have easily stopped, but continued until they “popped the drain”.

– Fred F.

Miguel & his associate serviced my septic tank yesterday. They were quick, efficient and did a great job. I appreciated that they were here on time and I would recommend them if you need to have your tank serviced!

– Bill W.

Peter, Cristian, and their crew just completed a nightmare job at my house…What started as a $54 drain cleaning turned into a multi-thousand dollar repair. I am quite sure you are well aware of the job and the complications they ran into. This was one of the hardest working and cordial work crews I have ever encountered and at times there was an army here doing the work. They were an excellent example of professionalism and quality in work. In the end, I am a very satisfied customer. I believe your company and crew went above and beyond to help us solve our problems.

Please accept our sincere gratitude and feel free to use us as a reference for any future work.

– John and Marley W.

My husband and I have owned homes for 50 years, and we, like most others, dread the need for a plumber. Who to call, is the price fair, is the service reliable, will they finish in a timely manner, etc., etc.. Last Friday, our main drain backed up, and we sought a “drain guy”. We called The Drain Dudes and met their plumber, Serafim, at our home. What a good plumber! We didn’t like the news he brought, but he and his great crew worked hard to correct our problem, explained products and warranties, worked with us on price and finished a very complicated job when they promised to. We’ll definitely use them again and highly recommend them!

– Martha B.

Great service! Thank you for sending out Jose and Julio today. We did not end up needing repair work, but these gentlemen were extremely professional and friendly. We will be certain to call again should we need plumbing assistance.

– Kellie T.

When my bathtub drain backed up, I called to have it cleared for a service charge of just $54.  Alas, when the plumbers opened the drain, they found that the pipe connection to the main line was loose and the upper part of the drainpipe was deteriorated, after more than 50 years, requiring replacement of the entire drain system.  I saw for myself the condition of the pipe and did not disagree with the diagnosis of the problem.  It took my breath away, however, when, after checking with the home office, the plumbers told me the cost for the repair would be $750.

After thinking for a moment, I authorized their continued work.  As costly as it seemed to be, I considered it to be an investment in keeping the integrity of my house intact and protecting my most valuable investment.  It took the plumbers more than 4 hours to complete the job and required them to replace key parts and assemble them on site where they could check for correct sizing to make the repair be just like new.  Their work was extensive, efficient (no wasted motion or time), and expert, as I watched them carefully build and install the new drain.  In retrospect, I don’t begrudge one nickel of the $750 dollar cost considering the time and parts involved, and the expertise that they demonstrated.  I’m glad I selected The Drain Dudes for this job.  Many thanks.

– Dr. David H. Orange, CA

Just wanted to mention the great customer service and understanding the two technicians who came out to our house in Anaheim, on the 4th of July. There was no extra charge which was great. Although I had more issues with my plumbing than I thought, the technicians explained ALL possible options that I can do in the future. They were very kind and professional.

Don’t want to for get to mention (ASHLEY) the very nice person who answered the phone when I called the office, thank you!

– Robert M. Anaheim, CA

The Drain Dudes came out to clear my shower drain. After the drain was cleared, I discussed the history of the plumbing in my house with Manfred and he ran a camera into the main line. I told him that I had estimates in the past and that I knew the main line needed to be replaced. He gave me the best price for the job. They started the job that day (Thursday) and had it ready for inspection on Monday. Manfred was at my house Monday before the inspector and finished the job immediately after the inspector left. I can only say good things about The Drain Dudes. Thanks you guys for a great price, a fast job and excellent customer service.

You rock Manfred!!

– Jay P. Los Angeles, CA

They did a great job unclogging a sink drain.  I called and set an appointment within 24 hours.  They did show up about 20 minutes late but I received a call in advance explaining they were running late.  Inexpensive, professional & courteous.  I’d call them again in a heartbeat.

– Mysterion K. Manhattan Beach, CA

My daughter had thrown a toy down the toilet, which caused it to clogged. After plunging it for days nothing worked and the problem just became worst. After three days, my shower then began to be slowly draining. I called many companies that came out and gave me outrages prices. After a long day of searching and frustration decided to give The Drain Dudes a try. The technician that came out was very helpful and gave charged me the $54.00 promotional special price. I was so happy with the outcome.  Don’t always judge a company due to other people.

– Veronica C. Altadena, CA

The plumber showed up right on time and unclogged my drain. He was only there for about 30 mins and everything works now. He was super professional and clean. The girl on the phone was super sweet and helped me to book the appointment and get the problem fixed. I will definitely call them again.

– Channing W. Irvine, CA

Miguel and his team did a great job replacing the sewer line on my house. They were quick and efficient and even the concrete repair was excellent. Would recommend to anyone.

– Joe C.