Do DIY Drain Cleaners Really Work?

DIY drain cleaners are best for routine cleaning and maintenance, not clearing clogs. Having a clogged drain can be a real annoyance. If you don’t notice it in time and let your tub or sink overflow, it can be an expensive problem too due to the resulting water damage. Naturally you want your drain clogs… Read the full article →

Four Ways to Prolong the Service Life of your Septic System

Prevent costly septic system repair or replacement by following these tips for septic system care. If you’re living in one of the one-quarter of American homes connected to a septic system, you might rejoice to be free of city sewer fees. However, you probably won’t be so pleased when you have to cover the costs… Read the full article →

3 Common Plumbing Emergencies and What To Do About Them

Having a plumber you trust on speed dial can provide great peace of mind in an emergency. No one wants to have a plumbing emergency. You might prefer not to even think about the possibility. However, preparing for an emergency now is actually very important and can save you time, stress, and even money later… Read the full article →

Burst Water Main Floods Sunset Boulevard

Isolating and repairing a burst water main is more complicated than you might think. We tend to take plumbing especially city water and sewer systems for granted. Pipes run along unnoticed behind walls and beneath streets, at least until a problem occurs. While few home plumbing problems will be as dramatic as the recent water… Read the full article →

Are Thirsty Roots Attacking Your Pipes?

Get professional drain cleaning to keep invasive roots from blocking or ruining your pipes. Recently, the State Water Resources Control Board approved emergency conservation measures designed to help get our state through this ongoing drought. Now, using water to wash a car, water a lawn, or hose down a sidewalk may be punished with a… Read the full article →

Trouble with Low Flow Toilets

Learn troubleshooting tips that will help keep your low flow toilets working their best. In 1994, federal law restricted all new toilets to 1.6 gallons per flush. This was a big change from the 3.5 gallon tanks people were accustomed to. Unfortunately, early generation low flow toilets didn’t actually work that well. It often took… Read the full article →

Pipe Repair without the Mess

The Drain Dudes offers low-dig and no-dig pipe repair solutions to help limit disturbance to your property. When the water or sewer lines buried in your yard or under your slab leak, burst, or become severely blocked, you need expert pipe repair services. Whereas your average plumber will typically recommend digging up the entire damaged… Read the full article →

Methods for Slab Leak Prevention

Help prevent serious slab leaks in your foundation with these tips. When water or sewer pipes spring a leak beneath the slab of your foundation, you can end up with a serious problem on your hands. Not only will you be wasting significant amounts of water, but over time you could end up developing mold… Read the full article →

Should You Be Afraid to Buy a Home with a Septic Tank?

Septic tanks aren’t scary was long as you have an expert plumber to help care for them. If you’ve never lived in a home with a septic tank before, you might find yourself feeling a bit nervous about the prospect of buying a home with a septic system. Maybe you’ve heard horror stories about septic… Read the full article →

4 Ways to Get Better Water Quality at Home

Four ideas to help protect your health and your plumbing. As Americans we are fortunate to live in a country where by and large everyone has access to clean drinking water. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone’s home water quality is equal or ideal. If you are not satisfied with the taste or quality of… Read the full article →

Don’t Wait For Your Pipes to Clog—Get Professional Drain Cleaning Now

Investing in drain cleaning as a preventative measure can save time, money, and hassle later on Most people regard drain cleaning as an emergency service. However, the truth is that there are significant benefits to be had by getting your drains cleaned on a regular basis, rather than waiting for a clogged pipe or plumbing… Read the full article →

Top 5 Causes of Pipe Failure—And How to Fix Them

The Drain Dudes® can repair all kinds of pipe leaks, no matter what the cause No matter what type of water or sewer pipes you may have in your home, eventually they will need to be replaced. After all, nothing lasts forever. If you suddenly develop a plumbing leak, call The Drain Dudes® for an… Read the full article →

5 Simple Tips to Avoid Plumbing Disasters

tips top avoid plumbing disasters

Following these tips will help keep clogs and leaks from damaging your home Water damage is one of the most common insurance claims on residential properties, and often this damage comes from leaky, overflowing, or otherwise malfunctioning plumbing. Besides the financial cost of such damage, you also have to contend with the inconvenience of having… Read the full article →

Clogged Plumbing Nearly Kills Astronaut

clogged plumbing spacesuit

Plumbing malfunctions can be deadly serious in space and shouldn’t be taken lightly on earth either Last summer, Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano nearly drowned during a spacewalk as the helmet of his spacesuit filled with water. Fortunately, he was able to navigate blindly back to the airlock and reenter the International Space Station. Parmitano’s spacesuit… Read the full article →

Top 5 Weird Items Found in Drains

Plumbers are often surprised by the items removed from clogged drains When giving advice about preventing pipe and drain blockages, plumbers tend to focus on items that you might reasonably consider flushing, like paper towels, Q-tips, diapers, and feminine hygiene products. However, far weirder things than these common causes of clogs have been recovered in… Read the full article →