Pipe Repair without the Mess

The Drain Dudes offers low-dig and no-dig pipe repair solutions to help limit disturbance to your property.

Pipe RepairWhen the water or sewer lines buried in your yard or under your slab leak, burst, or become severely blocked, you need expert pipe repair services. Whereas your average plumber will typically recommend digging up the entire damaged section of pipe, destroying your flooring, landscaping, patio, driveway, etc., The Drain Dudes® offers a different approach. We have been providing pipe repair without the mess since 1995, so you know that our plumbers are true experts in the implementation of trenchless pipe repair tools and technology. We can restore your pipes to their former glory without ripping up your floor and lawn.

Options for Trenchless Pipe Repair

When it comes to trenchless pipe repair, you have two main options, pipe bursting and pipe relining.

Pipe Bursting: This method of trenchless pipe repair requires us to create two access points in the damaged pipe. Then, we attach a brand new pipe to a special installation head and pull it right through the old pipe. The installation head shatters the old pipe so that the new pipe can take its place. This technique works on cast iron, terra cotta, PVC, and concrete pipe.

Pipe Relining: In this method of trenchless pipe repair, your old pipe is left intact. We run a special liner through the pipe, then use an air bladder to expand the liner and hold it against the sides of the old pipe. Once the liner hardens you will be left with a new, strong, seamless pipe right inside your old damaged one. In many cases we do not have to do any digging in order to use this method.

Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair

The biggest advantage of trenchless pipe repair is of course the fact that it is much less intrusive than traditional pipe repair and doesn’t create a huge mess. Often, the service can be completed in a single day, enabling you to get back to business as usual at your property faster. Purely as a plumbing service, trenchless pipe repair is typically more expensive than traditional pipe repair. However, when you factor in all the money you save on not having to repair flooring, repave driveways, or replant landscaping, many projects end up being more cost-effective when trenchless techniques are used. Plus, whereas traditional pipe repair might be used to locate and correct specific leaks or other problems, leaving you with a pipe that is cobbled together out of old and new sections, trenchless pipe repair leaves you with a whole new pipe that will last for decades to come.