6 Common Toilet Problems & Solutions

The Drain Dudes® can repair your leaky or clogged toilet

Having a toilet that doesn’t work right can be a minor inconvenience or a total disaster, depending on the nature of the problem. Fortunately, you can call The Drain Dudes® for fast and effective resolution of any kind of toilet problem. We frequently handle the following 6 common toilet problems.

6 common toilet problemsPhantom Flushes

If you sometimes hear water trickling into the toilet bowl when no one’s been in the bathroom for hours, your toilet has fallen prey to the phantom flush. This is basically just a very slow leak of water from the toilet tank into the toilet. It’s usually caused by a bad flapper and/or flapper seat and can be fixed by simply cleaning, adjusting, or replacing these parts.

Running Toilet

If you hear water constantly running in the toilet tank, you know your toilet is wasting water! Basically what is happening is some kind of malfunction in the water intake system. The float, which tells the system when the tank is full and shuts off the water, could be damaged; the refill tube might be inserted too deep into the overflow tube; or there might be an issue with the inlet valve assembly. A professional plumber from The Drain Dudes® can easily check your toilet to determine the precise cause of the problem and provide the necessary repair.

Empty Tank

If you try to flush the toilet and absolutely nothing happens, this means the tank is dry. This may happen for several reasons, but the most common one is a problem with the flapper. Some toilets have chains linking the flapper to the flush handle, and these chains can become tangled up so that the flapper stays open and the tank can never fill. You can fix this problem yourself. If the tank still doesn’t fill with water, call a plumber for help.

Weak Flush

When a toilet bowl doesn’t fill with water quickly after flushing, this is called weak flush. The problem is usually clogged holes under the rim of the bowl preventing water from traveling from the tank into the bowl quickly. This can make it hard to flush solids, so be sure to call a plumber to clean out these holes.

Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is unpleasant for many reasons. You can try to fix the clog yourself with a plunger, but if this doesn’t work or the clog returns quickly, you should call a plumber. A professional plumber can use drain cleaning equipment like a plumbers snake or auger to clear the clog, and also inspect your pipes for blockages further down the drain line.

Leaky Seals

If you notice water on your bathroom floor or on the outside of the toilet, one of the five seals in your toilet is leaking. The two worst seals to have fail are the one between the tank and the bowl, which can cause jets of water to spout from the toilet at every flush, and the one between the base of the toilet and the drain pipe, which can cause water damage to your floors. Again, a professional plumber can help by identifying the compromised part and replacing it.