Get a Free Video Inspection with Drain Cleaning

Check our work and check for pipe problems with a free video inspection

Get a Free Video Inspection with Drain CleaningThe Drain Dudes® is currently offering a free video inspection to all our valued customers who also request our drain cleaning service. This promotion offers homeowners two great services in one, each of which has major benefits.

Top 3 Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Getting regular drain cleaning service for your home is highly recommended because it delivers the following benefits:

  • Obviously, a drain cleaning will remove clogs from your pipes and drains and help facilitate the proper and sanitary operation of your plumbing. Our drain cleaning services are effective in eliminating clogs caused by grease, hair, food debris, soap scum, invasive tree roots, and foreign blockages.
  • Getting drain cleaning also helps improve the overall drainage in your home by cleaning residue from the sides of pipes and eliminating budding clogs before they have a chance to cause a real problem. This is why you don’t necessarily want to wait until you know your pipes are clogged to get drain cleaning!
  • Another benefit of drain cleaning is to reduce odors and improve the cleanliness of your home by eliminating the “biofilm” or layer of bacteria that coats the insides of pipes and drains. Let our professional technicians blast away biofilm with high pressure hydrojetting equipment for cleaner and more hygienic drains.

Top 3 Benefits of Video Inspection

Providing a video inspection after a drain cleaning helps our clients in several different ways:

  • First of all, you get to see the effectiveness of our drain cleaning service with your own eyes as the in-line drain camera snakes its way along the inside of your now clog- and buildup-free pipes.
  • Secondly, a video inspection allows us to investigate any issues that the drain cleaning may have revealed in greater detail. For example, let’s say we cleaned out your sewer drain with an auger and brought up a whole lot of chopped up roots. By using the in-line drain camera, we can go back into the pipe and make sure we have removed all the invasive roots. While we’re there, we can also check out the extent of the damage that the roots have done to the pipes thus far and recommend any necessary repairs or pipe replacement.
  • Third, a video inspection aids in the detection of pipe corrosion, leaks, mineral buildup, root infiltration, and other problems that can cause serious issues later on if left unaddressed. During the video inspection, we will run the camera through all the main lines in your home, not just the drain that was targeted for cleaning. If leaks are detected beneath your slab or out in the yard, we can offer trenchless sewer repair service to replace the pipe with minimal disruption to your property.