Make Your Drain Cleaning in Santa Clarita CA Last

Drain CleaningCompanies like The Drain Dudes offer affordable drain cleaning in Santa Clarita CA, but that doesn’t mean that you want to be calling them all the time. After you call the professionals for a thorough drain cleaning, you can help keep your newly cleaned pipes draining better longer by following these simple tips.

Limit What Goes Down the Kitchen Sink

If you’ve ever lived in a home without a garbage disposal, no doubt you have a great appreciation for this wonderful appliance. But don’t get too excited and go overboard with the amount of kitchen waste you put down the disposal. Limit yourself to using the disposal to grind up the few food scraps that might be left on a plate or in a pot after a meal. Don’t put large quantities of food waste down the disposal, and be especially careful to avoid putting fibrous foods like celery stalks down there, as the fibers can tangle up the blades of the garbage disposal. Also, do not put any grease down your kitchen sink if you want your drain cleaning in Santa Clarita CA to last!

Put Hair Traps Everywhere

Those plastic mesh traps that cover sink and tub drains may be ugly, but they are certainly effective. It is worth using these mesh traps if you want to extend the life of your professional drain cleaning, because hair is one of the prime causes of clogged drains. Most over the counter drain-cleaning chemicals are ineffective against hair-based clogs, so you’re better off keeping hair out of the drains in the first place. Definitely use a hair trap any time you wash a pet in your sink or tub.

Clean Your Sink Traps

Often, you can improve the drainage in your sinks by simply cleaning out the sink trap, or U-shaped bend in the pipe beneath your sink. Just unscrew the U-shaped section of pipe and remove whatever foreign materials have accumulated inside. You may need to have some tools on hand for this project.

Make Sure Roots Stay Dead

If your last professional drain cleaning in Santa Clarita CA revealed the presence of roots in your sewer pipes, you need to make sure you stay on top of this situation. While the plumber will have removed all the roots from inside the pipe, you need to make sure the roots don’t grow back and cause another clog. You can do this by pouring a root-killing product like RootX down the drain. Frequent applications of saltwater solutions can accomplish a similar result, making the inside of the pipes poisonous to roots.