Steps to Unclog a Backed Up Drain Pipe

Clogged ToiletIf you have a backed up drain in your home or business, getting it cleared quickly is probably high on your list of priorities. Here are some steps that you and your plumber can take to clear the clog and get your drain back in working condition.

Step 1: Attempt DIY Solutions

Before calling the plumber, you might as well see if you can clear the backed up drain pipe yourself. For a clogged toilet, try freeing the blockage with a plunger. You can also fill a bucket of water and dump it into the toilet bowl to try to use the pressure created by the weight of the additional water to force the clog down the pipe.

For a clogged sink, try cleaning out the U-bend in the sink pipe. Simply open up the cabinet beneath your kitchen or bathroom sink and disconnect the U-shaped portion of the pipe. Often you’ll find a lot of hair, grease, or food particles here, and by removing them you can solve your drainage problem. You may need to have some plumber’s tape on hand to seal the pipe back into place when you’re done.

For a clogged tub, you may want to try using a drain cleaner. Depending on the severity of the clog, you may have to wait hours for the water to drain out of the tub to the point where you can use a drain cleaner. You can go the eco-friendly route by putting baking soda and boiling water down the drain, or else use a chemical product like Drano.

Step 2: Call the Plumber

If your DIY attempts at unclogging your backed up drain pipe don’t work, you can always call in the pros from The Drain Dudes. We’ll bring professional tools that we can use to unclog any toilet, sink, or tub.

A plumber’s snake is often the first tool we use to attempt to clear a clog. We simply insert the snake into the drain and extend it to push through any blockages and dislodge them from the pipe walls. Then we flush the pipes with water to clear the debris.

More stubborn clogs may require the use of an auger, which is basically a plumber’s snake with cutting blades on it. The auger will cut the clog up into small pieces that can be cleared more easily.

In some cases, especially when clogs involve grease, hydrojetting is needed. Using a hydrojetter is kind of like power washing the inside of your pipes. It can not only dislodge clogs, but also help fix pipes that are draining slowly because of buildup on the inside of the pipe walls.